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Gadget Studios is a professional recording studio located in central London, featuring the best of both, vintage analog and modern digital tools.

Music is my passion and I focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.



Music place designed for making and producing high quality music for you, singers/songwriters, rappers and solo artists. My name is Denis G and I am resident producer/multi musician/sound engineer, composer, all in one.
I have more than 20 years of knowledge in music production with signed and unsigned artist. This is a great opportunity for talented songwriters with ideas for your own songs to record the fully produced tracks and make them into something special.



If you have lyrics, or an idea for a song, I believe I am the man who can help you to develop your song into something very unique.. I am  experienced in mixing tracks, and experimenting with final sounds of your songs . As being the member of the band (Subtitle), my knowledge in arranging and composing is essention.

Make music, feel great!!!!



Also, we are offering  mastering services for clients that record their EP's in our facilities.

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